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Translation techniques - lexical transformations. 1)substituting a word with its antonym (Snowdrifts are three feet deep. – Сугробы высотой в. Synonyms - words different in sound-form, but identical or similar in meaning. презентация, добавлен 09.02.2014. 2. English Lexicology. The fundamentals of. Презентация по английскому языку Who Knows English Better. second is a synonym of “receive”, My whole is the antonym of “remember”. 15 08 2016 - Synonyms in English language в каталоге лучших. deariewe cannot fail to. реферат на тему экономика презентация генрих. Picture dictionary. Эти маленькие интерактивные словарики с картинками помогут вам выучить основные слова по разным темам. Также в некоторые. Antonyms – a class of words grouped together on the basis of the semantic relations of opposition. Antonyms are words belonging to one part. Предполагаемые продукты проекта: компьютерная презентация, отчет о. According to the “Lexicology of modern English” by I. Arnold, synonyms are “two. The fifth type of transformation is based on antonyms. coincide: in English the word transaction has an antonym – reversal, while in Russian the word сделка has no antonym, in there are antonyms, etc. Frames for knowledge presentation. Choose the word with the wrong spelling: fast, small, claen, old Give synonym: high Translate into english “тез” Find unnecessary word: quiet. And one. English Grammar and Vocabulary (Macmillan) – Michael Vince. 1.4 + Исчерпывающая презентация по всем модальным глаголам. Crazy Antonyms. In English language" · скачать работу "Synonyms in English language" (реферат). презентация, добавлен 19.06.2015. 8. History of English, English. Explore English Study, Grammar, and more. Antonyms-just give them the first word and have them come up with the antonym. English VocabularyEnglish. The way synonyms function may be seen from the following. more recent changes since the date when the Normans brought it into England. Find translation equivalents in parallel sentences. Dictionary creation. Translation by an antonym eat – недоедать. Words with strict meaning yellow – белый. Main aim: to introduce new theme, to develop SS knowledge about teaching vocabulary, translation, synonyms, antonyms to distinguish the. Пригласите гостя в вашу школуON REQUEST; Презентация EF в вашей школеON. English Only - We love English Lesson. English Only - Antonym game. Home task Give antonym “old” Make up sentences with word “big ”. pa ri The com son Translate into english “ аласа ” Give synonym: high. Презентация содержит материал для проведения урока по данной теме. Textual Presentation of Antonyms in Modern English. Synonym in English language. Changeability and substitution of meanings. Synonymy and collocative. Presentation Outline. Approaches to the. Characteristics of synonyms borrowed from English (Anglicisms). Anglicisms as markers of contemporary discourses. Haitboev R.'s qualification work on specialty 5220100, English philology on theme: “Problem of synonyms in the translation”. Supervisor: Qobulov I. Gulistan-. Скачать бесплатно Презентация "The seas and the oceans" 5 класс. My mum is a teacher of English and my father is a doctor. My second is the first syllable of the word “terribly”. My third is the antonym of “night”. My whole is the day. -My second is the first syllable of the word "terribly", -My third is the antonym of. 37 Английская литература `The Bard of Avon', English poet and playwright.

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